The Ups and Downs of Motherhood by Rachel Brown

We recently had the pleasure of connecting with Rachel Brown, a young mom of 2 young kids and blogger at She had us at hello as soon as she shared her philosophy on fashion: “As a busy mom of young children, out of necessity I stick with style that is comfortable and functional…but still unique, trendy, and fun.”  We’re pretty sure we’ve uttered those same exact words!

We love Rachel’s blog, especially the posts featuring her favorite recipes and fashion picks. She recently shared some of her daily ups AND downs with us; her stories (and pictures) are just too sweet to keep all to ourselves. Here’s to the ever-changing, unpredictable, roller coaster ride we call motherhood….


Unless you’re the first and only SuperMom in existence, you’re not going to be terribly surprised to hear that mothering comes with its share of ups and downs. Every day—who am I trying to kid, every hour—is filled with a few awesome moments and plenty of difficulties. The trick is to focus on those sunny bright spots without getting too bogged down in the tough stuff. I haven’t quite figured out how to do this consistently yet (hey, I’ve only had 3 years to work on it), but a little practice could do me good, so here are a few of my daily high and low points with my 3-year old, Forrest, and 4-month old, Darcy.

High: Forrest’s absolute delight during our first visit to the park this year. He lit up when he realized where we were headed, and beamed through every trip down the big red slide:








Low: Choosing a course that included dog poop as he practiced rolling down the hill, and bawling as his monstrous parents dragged him back home after (only!) an hour of play:







High: Being treated to precious smiles and chatty coos from my sweet Darcy girl:






Low: Her favorite time to strike up a conversation is 2 AM. No picture needed, thank you!

High: A heart-melting sibling moment between a big brother (who usually has far more important things to do than pay attention to the baby) and little sister (who absolutely adores Forrest and lights up when he talks to her):








Low: The more typical reality between the two of them—Forrest sobbing because “she’s looking at me!” while Darcy is blissfully unaware that anything is wrong:








High: A little helper asking if he could help me in the kitchen made my food-loving heart soar:








Low: His stubborn refusal to even taste any of the “very gross, very very so yucky” food he helped me prepare. (Spoiler alert: there is definitely nothing gross or yucky about homemade blueberry muffins.):








Despite the many lows that come with being a mom, I’m so, so glad I get to snuggle these two stinkers every day. Now I just need to engrave that on a plaque and hang it on my wall to stare at every time the low moments get the better of me.


Our JP Lizzy fans are in for a HUGE treat, as Rachel is giving away a JP Lizzy bag on her blog this week! To enter to win, just head over to her recent product review/blog post and leave a comment. For an extra entry, share a comment with us below- we’d love to hear about a recent up OR down that you’ve had with one of your little “angels” (or devils). After all, we’re all in this together! :)

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