The Ultimate Online Baby Shower

As you may have noticed, we love connecting you to our personal favorite brands and bloggers as well as hooking our fans up with super sweet deals and giveaways. That’s why when 10 bloggers from the Ultimate Online Baby Shower (#UOBS) came knocking on our door (well… inbox) we jumped at the opportunity to be involved!

Want to sign up to win super sweet prizes from some of our favorite baby and mom brands and bloggers? Of course you do! Here’s how it’s done…

The first thing you need to do is scope out the calendar below and see what brand(s) you would like to receive samples to. Next, head on over to that brand’s Facebook page and click on their “Wish For It” tab! Once you’ve clicked on the tab, follow the instructions to “wish for” the prize. This will then let you update a status on your Facebook wall to tell your friends that you want them to send you an item! The trick is to team up with a friend. That way this is what they will see to let them know that you want that prize and they can send it to you and vise versa. Wondering what OUR prize is? We’re giving away 250 $20 gift cards!


We understand those directions may sound a little complicated. So, we broke it down for you a little bit more…

UOBS_Quick Tip #1_Buddy Up

UOBS_Quick Tip #2_what is wish for it-

UOBS_Quick Tip #4_How it Workspng

UOBS_Quick Tip #3_Time Zones

So what next? Head over to the Facebook pages of participating brands for items that you want to WISH for off the calendar above. Click on the Sampler app and make sure you “WISH FOR” your desired prize. After that, all you have to do is tune in for the giveaway time posted on the calendar.

Follow this link to WISH FOR one of  our 250 gift cards: don’t forget to tune in Tuesday, November 19th at 9PM EST to snag try to snag our prizes!


We’ve also include links to the other participating brands’ Facebook applications below.
Good luck everyone!

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