The Family Photo Experience

The Family Photo Experience

Why is it that the once-a-year family photo experience often ends up in shambles, despite the best laid plans?

This year I was determined to keep it simple.  I didn’t plan far in advance—that way, I couldn’t over think it.  I confirmed the date with less than a week to spare, and promised myself that this year it would be easy.   The day arrived, and as we rolled through our marathon of kids’ sports and activities, the afternoon was quickly upon us.

As luck would have it, we landed at urgent care with a soccer injury.  With three boys, this is not atypical.  But, really, did it have to happen the one day I counted on having everyone in one piece for the archives?  Watching the clock tick from the exam room, I realized that my vision of a smooth transition to the family portrait was slipping away.

Between x-rays and a cast, we ran out of time and finished getting ready in the car on the way to meet the photographer.  Not the peaceful “get ready” process I had anticipated.   With tear stained cheeks from the pain and injury, we barely made it.  It felt like we were in the eye of the storm that day, but somehow we captured it.

And it just may be the behind-the-scenes, secret story that bakes special memories into the picture, and truly documents the treasured moments in time that make me look back—and smile.

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