Monkey Bars:  Barely Holding On

Monkey Bars: Barely Holding On

What images pop up in your mind when you think of summer?

My mind is full of childhood memories: days spent poolside, picnics at the park, annual camping trips and family reunions. As a mom, my mind is full of to-do lists, the swim team schedule, tonight’s dinner plans and a visual of wet pool towels stacked a mile high in my laundry room.

I don’t remember a summer as busy as this one.

I am a mom on monkey bars, swinging from one bar to the next. As I endlessly strive to successfully accomplish the task at hand, I’m anticipating the next event and praying nothing falls through the cracks. We are halfway through summer and I am desperate to slow down, take a breath, forget about the lists and enjoy time with my kids. Maybe it isn’t about even getting from one bar to the next, but rather lowering the bar I have set for myself.

What tips do you have for being present with your kids? Share them in the comment below!

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