Mom: The Human Coat Rack

Mom: The Human Coat Rack

Moms are called many things, and we innately respond to all of them.  Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mo-o-o-o-o-ommmmmmm (in that same sing-song intonation that all kids seem to have, regardless of age or gender, inspiring us Moms to sing back “yes honey?” to any child who calls even if they aren’t our own).  But, a human coat rack?  That’s one pet name left off the list.

So why is that our arms tend to accumulate a seemingly-million things as the day goes on, leaving us feeling stretched like Elast-a-girl and weighted down like a tank?  A sweatshirt here, a water bottle and snack there, the camera, a hat, maybe a soccer ball or two…and more.  Throw the husband’s keys, glasses and wallet into the mix, and it’s a wonder we don’t sink into the cement.

We need to lighten the load—we crave it, in fact.  But our svelte purses and glam clutches of yesteryear need not apply.  Gone are the days when style ruled the roost.  Now our busy lives drive the agenda.  But does it mean we have to give up the sparkle—those details that remind us we’ve still got “it”?   What Mom doesn’t struggle with the dilemma of prioritizing function despite the fashion instincts nagging, even scolding, us inside?  And often, we just give in out of necessity.  Case in point—the minivan.

But when it comes to the human coat rack, we are convinced we don’t have to give in.  Yes, we are partially to blame.  We add our Starbucks into the mix, and the other optional details we deem to be necessity so we drag them along as our day unfolds.   But this is a battle we can win, ladies.   The right bag is out there, with function and flair combined, to help organize the closet on your arm in a way that looks as good as it feels.  Think of it as the portable dresser to offload your coat rack, but much cuter.  It exists.  And we are living proof, with arms wide open.


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