Mistakes That Are Magical

designer diaper bags, messenger diaper bagsHave you ever made a mistake or had what seemed like a disaster, turn into… something special?

We experienced this recently when we designed our new shopper tote (coming soon!).

We couldn’t wait for the highly-anticipated hot pink exterior shopper with hot pink interior to arrive in all its glory.

To our surprise, what arrived in the mail was a beautiful coral exterior with a hot pink interior – a color combination we would never have intentionally put together. But lo and behold, we have found a new color combination that we adore!

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ruth Wakefield was trying to make chocolate cookies when she ran out of Baker’s chocolate. As a substitute, she used broken up sweetened chocolate thinking it would melt. Instead, she ended up with one of the world’s most favorite cookie!

2. Post-It Notespost-it-notes

Spencer Silver was trying to create a strong adhesive, but the concoction he came up with was much weaker than he wanted. Turned out, the weak glue was perfect for sticking – and removing – paper from objects. The Post-It note was born!

3. Popsicle

When Frank Epperson was 11-years old back in 1905 he often combined soda water powder and water as a treat. One night, he created his mixture and left it on the porch with his stir stick in it. When the temperatures dropped below freezing that night, he woke up to a frozen treat on a stick. Kids everywhere love Frank’s accidental creation!

4. Play-Doh

This favorite toy was originally developed as wallpaper cleaner. It became popular when teachers started using it for crafts in their classrooms. It was eventually re-branded as a kid’s toy.

5. Slinky

Richard James, a navy engineer, created the slinky for kids after a spring he was using to create a meter during World War II fell and “walked away”.

Have you ever made a mistake that turned out to be a success in disguise?

Share your lemon-into-lemonade story below in the comments!

Put yourself out there and make a few mistakes.  You never know what will come of it.  

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