Stop and Smell the Lattes

Summer is here, schedules are shifting and it is time to lighten the load. Be careful not to let a new craziness begin.

Overscheduling fun stuff is still overscheduling.

Below are 4 tips to help you keep your summer, fun, happy and “light”.

1. Schedule spontaneityjp lizzy, designer diaper bags, baby bags

It sounds like an oxymoron, but how do we preserve time for life to happen if we don’t protect a few hours here and there for life’s sweet unexpected moments;  a quiet walk, a talk with a friend you haven’t seen in years,  an unplanned bike ride with the kids, etc.

Keep a block of time open and let the spontaneity of the moment take it away!  It feels like a treat to just do something you need/want instead of something that is scheduled.

By the way, we highly recommend a beach cruiser.  It is amazing how feeling like a 7 year old can strip away all of life’s to dos.

2. Be selective and give time and attention to those you love

As women, we tend to take care of others’ needs first, saying yes to this commitment and that commitment to keep the peace and make everyone happy.

But saying yes to things that we really don’t want to do creates unnecessary stress that we simply don’t need in our lives. Learning to say no is key

3. Focus on the people, places and things that make you smile

If you can conquer #1 above, then this becomes much easier.  Learning to say no to things that don’t make you happy, leaves the space, energy and freedom to say YES! to all the glorious things (and people) you love. Focus on everything that makes you smile as much as you can and your summer will be filled with happiness.

4. Stay organized

This may sound like the opposite of fun and carefree, but staying organized will keep the important must-have summers items handy, while keeping clutter “baggage” at bay. Start by reorganizing the bags you are using.  Make sure they have all of the summer time necessities…sun screen, water bottle, band aids etc.

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