Spring, Simplified…

With the weight of winter slowly lifting, Spring is the perfect season to de-clutter and lighten your load.

I realized this on a recent afternoon when, frustrated by the disorganized state of my purse, I decided to dump the contents of my bag and get organized. One by one, I purged all the unnecessary items: expired coupons, nearly-empty lip glosses, old receipts, and countless other odds and ends. Left with just the essentials and nothing more, I instantly felt better, lighter, and more free. This simple “cleanse” did wonders for my state of mind.

Whether it’s organizing your closet, cleaning out your car, or embracing the simplicity of Spring fashion, now is the time to simplify and start fresh.

Here at JP Lizzy, we are ready for the new Spring season. We hope you are too!

Wendy Barry
Founder, JP Lizzy

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