JP Lizzy Spotlight: Wendy Barry, Founder & Owner

JP Lizzy’s founder, Wendy Barry, is not one who seeks the spotlight.  In fact, when we proposed that we wanted to feature her in an end of year blog post – enabling JP Lizzy’s community to learn more about this amazing woman- Wendy’s first question was….really? Followed by…are you sure?! Yes and yes (please)!

This time of year, we are very grateful for a lot of things- one of which is working with an incredibly talented and inspiring team of individuals here at JP Lizzy.  So with no further ado, here’s a fun little “did you know” Q & A with the woman responsible for it all…JP Lizzy’s creator, owner, and lead visionary, Wendy Barry.  

WendyBarry pic-199x300What inspired you to start JP Lizzy?  

Honest answer? My identity crisis as a new mom…that was eleven years ago!

When JP Lizzy was in it’s newborn stage, did anyone in particular influence or mentor you?

There were many people that were a huge help. One in particular stands out: Jennifer Zinn. She had developed an online business selling baby sleep sacks. We met through mutual friends and immediately connected since we both had children who were preemies.  She was very giving of her time and was willing to share her contacts with me.

Why are JP Lizzy’s bags so special?

I think a bag is one of the most important items a woman owns. A JP Lizzy bag, in particular, offers women the opportunity to carry something that represents their unique sense of style while providing the functionality needed to navigate their busy schedule.  Regardless of what the day entails, a JP Lizzy bag helps you feel stylish and stay organized- a perfect combination in my mind!

How would you describe the JP Lizzy woman?  

That’s a tough one since our customers are so different! But I would say I envision a woman whose life is full and busy and she loves it that way.  She is happy and comfortable in her own skin. Her day is a mix of family, friends and different responsibilities- whether she is working, volunteering, or managing a busy household.

What about her style? 

I would call it “relaxed elegance” – her tastes are classic but modern; beautiful and sophisticated. She loves to make a statement but doesn’t do so loudly. She isn’t afraid of color and gets excited by fun prints and accents that add an element of interest.

What are your favorite fashion trends right now? 

My favorite trend is the look of layering in a way that is trendy yet comfortable.  With the first day of winter coming up (editor’s note: tomorrow!), I’ve been loving the look of leggings with boot socks, boots with a longer tank/t-shirt, sweater/blazer or an infinity scarf.  I also love that a bag can create an entire look in a way that makes everything else fade in to the background.

What designers or brands inspire you?

I love Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Boden and JCrew.

As you build JP Lizzy, what are some of your guiding principals?

One of my goals is to create opportunities within JP Lizzy for moms who want to work part-time but need a flexible work environment/structure.  There are so many women who have wonderful skills and talents with a desire to be a part of something great but want to be at home with their children.  I want to give women the opportunity to do both successfully. I feel very strongly about that!


To read more about JP Lizzy and Wendy’s story, click here  for a full story on Women in the Mix!

To ALL our fans and customers, thank you for being a part of the JP Lizzy family. Here’s to a happy, healthy, and festive holiday season; we can’t wait to see what 2014 brings.  



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