Diaper Bag Packing 101: For a Summer Spent On-The-Go

Summer is here and the living is easy BUSY! Between camps, family vacations, and local day trips, many of us will be “on-the-go” these next few months. Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, embarking on a short trip or long trip, one thing is essential: you must be prepared!

For those of us traveling with little ones, a well-organized diaper bag can make or break the travel experience. Meltdowns can be avoided, your sanity can be kept intact, and you may even realize that a “family vacation” is not an oxymoron.

Packing a diaper bag well is a must- this goes for trips close to home and far away. What to bring, how to get it all in, and how to keep it all organized are questions every mom faces when it comes to packing up. To help you with this Herculaean task, we caught up with Bri from The Little Style File who provided 10 essential tips for diaper bag organization when on the road:

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1. Diapers. These are self explanatory. How many you need will depends on the age of your child & the length of your trip, but when traveling always carry MORE than you think you’ll need (two extras, minimum). You do NOT want to be on a plane- 20,000 miles above your local Target store- when an explosive emergency arises!

2. Wipes & Diaper Ointment. You have to keep the little bottoms fresh and clean- nothing can ruin a road trip or vacation like a painful diaper rash. Like diapers, bring more than what you think you’ll need. Wipes are also great for cleaning messes faces, sticky fingers, and car spills.

3. Medicine Bag. I like to keep all of my little lady’s meds in a small Ziploc bag in the diaper bag. This keeps it all together, easy to spot, and self-contained in case there are any leaks. When traveling by plane, this also makes it easy to pull out when going through security. If your baby uses a pacifier, make sure to stash a few extra ones in this bag as well.

4. Changing Pad. Being in travel mode means you’ll be changing a lot of diapers in a lot of interesting places, including public changing tables. Make sure you have your changing pad with you! It usually comes standard with all diaper bags- JP Lizzy includes a changing pad with every bag- and is the perfect barrier between your little one and any surface underneath.

5. Wet Bags. These are a convenient solution for storing soiled diapers (or soiled clothes) when you’re on-the-go. This keeps all of the smells and messes away from everything else in the bag. Some wet bags have multiple compartments and are pretty spacious. We suggest packing an extra outfit and pajamas/nighty. Room permitting, you may also want to pack an extra shirt for yourself (just in case the messies happen on you).

6. Feeding Essentials. This can be anything from bottles and formula dispensers, bowls and solid food, squeeze packs and snacks, and water or juice cups. Of course this all depends on the age and food level your little one is at. For traveling, bring a variety of snacks (nothing can distract a restless 8-month old better then some cheerios) and keep the portions small — think handful-sized.

7. Toys. Every child needs some form of fun and stimulation, and when you’re on a 3-hour plane ride, there is no such thing as too many toys. Whatever their small favorite toys are, please pack them. If you have a teether on your hands, be sure to pack a teething toy. A trip to the Dollar Store is almost always a wise investment; even your most antsy traveling kiddo will light up when given a NEW, colorful, shiny toy.

8. Blanket. Even if it’s 90 degrees out, airports can be notoriously cold. A blanket can also be used as shade cover when your child’s sitting on the sunny-side of the car. Mrs. Multiuse here loves the versatility of a good blanket- from nursing cover to burp cloth to quick clean up- it always comes in handy.

9. Your Wallet & Cell Phone. Make sure these are accessible. Before you leave home, make sure your family doctor’s phone number is programmed in your phone and make sure you put your health insurance cards in your wallet.

10. Last, but not least, Makeup Bag. Traveling with children can be exhausting and you will probably emerge from a long car ride or plane ride looking a bit worn out. Freshening yourself up will do wonders for your energy and mood. My essentials are mascara, lipstick/lipgloss, compact foundation, blush, and a travel-sized hairbrush.

Do you have any travel tips or diaper bag organization tips that you want to share?

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Bri Robinson is the creative genius behind the lifestyle blog Live Design Party, a site where inspiration from her everyday life as a mother and wife, along with her love of all things that begin with Fa and end with shion, comes to life through words and DIY projects. She uses her craft of crocheting to loop through every aspect of what life has to offer. Bri is also a contributing writer for The Little Style File (Find the Little Style File on Facebook and Twitter). You can also connect with Bri directly on Twitter.


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