Cupcake Onsies- A Great DIY Baby Gift!

We’ve all been there… on the hunt for the perfect baby shower gift, and believe us, we know it can be hard to find! While sticking to the registry (if there is one) is always a safe bet, sometimes you want your gift to be more personal, fun, and something you KNOW your friend will adore.

In our quest to find something that stands out from the rest and represents something meaningful, we recently reached out to super stylish and crafty blogger, Jessica Hills, from A Few Of My Favorite Things.

Her suggestion? Cupcake Onsies! Since we love anything with the word “cupcake” in it, we were hooked from the start. And lucky for us- these are not only adorable, they are easy (we’ve tried it) and inexpensive- the perfect trifecta!

Paired with a JP Lizzy bag- because one gift for mom and one for baby is always a fantastic combo- this is one gift set that any stylish mama-to-be will LOVE. Happy shopping, and crafting!

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 3.34.46 PM

What you’ll need:

~ A JP Lizzy bag! Because what’s a better way for a new mom to stay organized than with a diaper bag featuring plenty of compartments and room to store everything she’ll need? You can choose from an array of styles YOUR friend will love here (the bag featured above is our Crema Satchel). Price range: $78-$98.

~ “Ingredients” for the Cupcake Onsies! These make fantastic presents because we all know new borns go through onsies like crazy and you can never have enough! Walmart sells a pack of four white onsies for $8. The next item on the list, socks! Baby Gap has an assortment of colors and styles that are perfect for both boys and girls. Baby Gap sock sets are under $10 too! The last things you’ll need to complete the package are: cupcake holders, a box, and ribbon. You can get ALL of these items from Wholeport for less than $7… that’s it!

The final steps… Putting it all together! 

Absolutely adorable, right?!
Have a great baby shower gift idea of your own? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!  


Jess is the creative mastermind behind A Few Of My Favorite Things. Her blog includes fashion & design, giveaways, crafts, mom & kid stuff, and any of the other little things that make her happy! Her mission: to brighten your day! You can also follow Jess on Twitter and find her on Facebook and Pinterest!



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