A Mom’s Moment – Maria Hennessey

Like most of you, I distinctly remember the moment I found out I was pregnant. For me, this moment was not that long ago. It was Thursday February 2nd, 2012. I was at my office in Boulder, Colorado, when I noticed there was a missed call & voice mail from

Spring, Simplified…

With the weight of winter slowly lifting, Spring is the perfect season to de-clutter and lighten your load. I realized this on a recent afternoon when, frustrated by the disorganized state of my purse, I decided to dump the contents of my bag and get organized. One by one, I

Why Do Some Women Quit Work Unexpectedly After Having A Child?

According to statistics one out of every five pregnant women will not return to work. Quitting abruptly after childbirth could wreak havoc on your finances, your career and even your relationship with your partner. How can you determine if you are vulnerable to quitting your job abruptly after having your

The Family Photo Experience

Why is it that the once-a-year family photo experience often ends up in shambles, despite the best laid plans? This year I was determined to keep it simple.  I didn’t plan far in advance—that way, I couldn’t over think it.  I confirmed the date with less than a week to

This Fall: Relaxed Elegance for Busy Moms

The kids are back in school, and we all had visions of catching up on the overflowing to-do lists – including ourselves. Have your visions of reinstating your fashionable self started to blur in your mind’s eye after just the first few weeks of the school year?  Where is that

5 Tips To Help Busy Moms Get Away and Enjoy Fall

As a mother you’re probably spending the majority of your fall time taking the kids to school, participating in school events, and helping the kids with their school work. In fact, you’re probably such a giving mother that it’s hard to find time for yourself. Of course it’s important to

Monkey Bars: Barely Holding On

What images pop up in your mind when you think of summer? My mind is full of childhood memories: days spent poolside, picnics at the park, annual camping trips and family reunions. As a mom, my mind is full of to-do lists, the swim team schedule, tonight’s dinner plans and

Mom: The Human Coat Rack

Moms are called many things, and we innately respond to all of them.  Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mo-o-o-o-o-ommmmmmm (in that same sing-song intonation that all kids seem to have, regardless of age or gender, inspiring us Moms to sing back “yes honey?” to any child who calls even if they aren’t