Adding Vibrancy To Your Everyday Wardrobe

If you’re like most women,  you have wardrobe items such as jeans, a black shirt, a white tee and a few other solid, neutral colored-items that are regularly worn staples in your closet. These are what you might consider comfort clothes. The clothes you feel most comfortable and confident in.

The Most Important Kind of Beauty

“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside” Coco Chanel Recently several of us here at JP Lizzy HQ got to talking about the fact that while we spend a lot of time designing the outside look of our bags, it’s often the inside prints and patterns that get people so


Mistakes That Are Magical

Have you ever made a mistake or had what seemed like a disaster, turn into… something special? We experienced this recently when we designed our new shopper tote (coming soon!). We couldn’t wait for the highly-anticipated hot pink exterior shopper with hot pink interior to arrive in all its glory.

Stop and Smell the Lattes

Summer is here, schedules are shifting and it is time to lighten the load. Be careful not to let a new craziness begin. Overscheduling fun stuff is still overscheduling. Below are 4 tips to help you keep your summer, fun, happy and “light”. 1. Schedule spontaneity It sounds like an oxymoron,

The Ups and Downs of Motherhood by Rachel Brown

We recently had the pleasure of connecting with Rachel Brown, a young mom of 2 young kids and blogger at She had us at hello as soon as she shared her philosophy on fashion: “As a busy mom of young children, out of necessity I stick with style that is comfortable

A Mom’s Moment: Olympic Fever & Family Fun ~ Denise Lilly

I still clearly remember watching the Olympics as a child — the joy, the heartache, the triumph, the patriotism. But what I remember even clearer are the Olympics I recreated — the ice skating routines in my living room, the bobsledding in my yard, the racing on my skis. The

JP Lizzy Spotlight: Wendy Barry, Founder & Owner

JP Lizzy’s founder, Wendy Barry, is not one who seeks the spotlight.  In fact, when we proposed that we wanted to feature her in an end of year blog post – enabling JP Lizzy’s community to learn more about this amazing woman- Wendy’s first question was….really? Followed by…are you sure?! Yes and


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The Ultimate Online Baby Shower

As you may have noticed, we love connecting you to our personal favorite brands and bloggers as well as hooking our fans up with super sweet deals and giveaways. That’s why when 10 bloggers from the Ultimate Online Baby Shower (#UOBS) came knocking on our door (well… inbox) we jumped

A Mom’s Moment – Alex’s Story

We’ve all had those days, the ones where being a mom isn’t necessarily fun and games. Where you find yourself  fighting back the tears because you’re exhausted and your little ones are fussy. Truth is, these days come and go but sometimes we find ourselves wondering- what’s the secret to