Balance Is A Myth

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As you may know, JP Lizzy was a proud sponsor of the inaugural Work-Life Thrive Summit back in April. Put on by Women in the Mix, this wonderful day featured tons of inspiring speakers and opportunities to connect with business owners and incredible women.

Even though this event was months ago, there were many takeaways, and one particular presenter had some amazing advice that just keeps giving.

Teresa Taylor, former Qwest COO, speaker, adviser and author of The Balance Myth: Rethinking Work-Life Success, told an interesting story that we continue to be reminded of in our own daily lives.

During her time at Qwest, Teresa was invited to her son’s school for lunch with the kids. She worked very hard to get proper time away from the office to be with her son, but things got crazy, and Teresa showed up late. She very vividly described her experience of only getting seven minutes with her son and his friends at their lunch table before they scurried off to recess.

As soon as the kids fled away, tears started rolling down her face. Those seven minutes FLEW. Her heart was broken. The principal tapped her on the shoulder saying, “It’s OK. This happens a lot. Take the time you need.” (We all got a good giggle at that comment.)

Teresa felt like a failure that day. She asked herself just how she was going to keep making all of this work. She hid out in her office the rest of the afternoon, cried some more (We laughed again), and just. felt. horrible.

Showered with guilt and dreading going home for the night, little did Teresa know that her son was going to give her a revelation. Bursting through the door, he shouted, “MOM!!!! That was the BEST DAY ever! My friends LOVED you. They think you’re SO COOL!”

Teresa was shocked, but she realized something. During those seven minutes, she was completely engaged in what was in front of her. She wasn’t looking at her phone, thinking about where she should be or what she wasn’t doing. She accepted that there’s no such thing as true balance, but rather a choice to be present in where you decide to put your time. From that moment, Teresa stopped feeling guilty about not being able to be in two places at once and realized that being truly present – even in the small increments of time – can make a HUGE impact.

Read more about Teresa here.

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