Adding Vibrancy To Your Everyday Wardrobe

If you’re like most women,  you have wardrobe items such as jeans, a black shirt, a white tee and a few other solid, neutral colored-items that are regularly worn staples in your closet.

These are what you might consider comfort clothes. The clothes you feel most comfortable and confident wearing in just about any environment. We all need a few of those core items in our repertoire.

But wearing all dark and/or neutral colors with jeans can make you feel dull. So what is a girl to do when resisting clothes donning bright colors or vibrant prints?

Make a splash with vibrant accessories!bright colored diaper bag

You don’t have to throw out your neutral comfort clothes in order to add style and color to your wardrobe.

Add a dose of flair with a beautiful bright-colored diaper bag or versatile tote. You can easily add that vibrant touch without committing to wearing a color outside of your comfort zone.

The other benefit of making a splash with accessories is that you can swap colors and prints and experiment with different styles depending on the occasion.

beautiful bright colored diaper bag, beautiful bright colored baby tote

Whether you choose a fun scarf, bright-colored baby tote, exercise bag or laptop bag or fun, chunky jewelry…there are endless options for adding vibrancy to your wardrobe.

Experiment with colors, patterns, size of your earrings, nail art…the sky is the limit when adding some spark to your everyday look.

And you don’t have to throw out those beloved jeans or the black tee that you love so much!

Ready to add some vibrancy to your wardrobe with a bright, multi-functional diaper tote (that can be used for everyday living?).





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