A Mom’s Moment- Michelle’s Story

In honor of May being Pregnancy Awareness Month we’d like to take a moment to talk about fertility. We all know conceiving can be tricky. The bottom line is that when it comes to having a baby, there is no such thing as a sure thing. Whether you’re going for your first or fourth child, it may not happen on your pre-determined schedule. So, what do you do when you have a full-blown case of baby fever but hit an unexpected roadblock? Michelle recently shared her story (including some struggles) with us. 
Trying for a baby can be an exciting time in a couple’s life. When my (now) husband and I had our first child, it was a “surprise”- a very happy one. Our second daughter was conceived the very next month we decided to have another baby. Our third daughter, however, was a different story. It took us thirteen months to conceive; thirteen long, difficult, disheartening months of trying, waiting, and hoping.
After our second daughter was born, we waited about two years and then decided to have another baby. I figured I’d simply stop my Seasonique birth control and get pregnant shortly thereafter. My body, however, had other plans. After months and months of trying and multiple trips to my doctor, I discovered I wasn’t ovulating. As a young healthy woman, being told my body wasn’t working right was devastating. While I felt so grateful for my two healthy children, I wanted and was ready for a third child. I realized then how lucky I had been with my previous, successful attempts to conceive. 
I started researching and discussing options with my doctor. I was a candidate for the fertility drug Clomid; hoping this would help my cycle return to normal, I started taking it. However after several months, it just didn’t feel right and I started to feel like a third child wasn’t meant to be. I also wanted to see if my body could return to normal without fertility drugs. I decided to refill my Clomid prescription one more final time, and to my surprise and complete joy, I got pregnant that month. On February 7, 2012 we welcomed our healthy, beautiful baby girl into this world. I found myself taking extra time to look at her face, marvel at her existence, and sneak baby cuddles in. It was such a hard thirteen months for me emotionally and I felt blessed to have another healthy baby.
Fast forward a year shall we? A few months ago I found myself- yes, once again- wanting another baby. Given my earlier struggles, I knew it could be a long, hard journey. I wasn’t keen on putting any medication into my body that wasn’t really needed, so I looked into the Natural Family Planning method. This sounded like a great idea for our family; in a nutshell, I would use a basal thermometer to help detect when I was ovulating and could get pregnant. I was excited and ready to see how my body worked naturally. I was also prepared for potential setbacks and roadblocks along the way. 
483675_10200878352858416_2006081503_nWell, let’s just say it didn’t take long: after using my basal thermometer for three weeks, I got pregnant. This was a huge, complete shock to us. Given all the issues and struggles we had conceiving our third daughter, I knew a fourth child could be a long shot. Clearly, my body had other plans. I am due December 2013 with our fourth child. While I couldn’t be more excited, my journey truly shows how mysteriously our bodies can work. Our first and second daughters were conceived quickly; our third daughter was a long, frustrating journey; and our fourth baby was conceived just two weeks after deciding to “try” for another child. 
My advice to others in the family-planning mode? Know your body, listen to your body, and understand how it truly works. Yet also be prepared for the unknown, for the twists, turns, and bumps in the road. You never really know what lays ahead. 
Michelle is a blogger who lives in central Indiana. She’s a wife of 4 years (together for 9 years total) and is mother of three little girls ages 5, 4, and 16 months. Check out her blog Mama’s Baby Cupcakes! Also, stay for her review of a JP Lizzy Bag on Mama’s Baby Cupcakes’ Facebook & Twitter!
A Mom’s Moment is a series of blog posts capturing all of the memorable, challenging, significant, and everyday “moments” we experience as moms.  Every woman takes on this role in a different way AND every woman has a special story to tell. Our goal is to embrace these moments and share them with you: the good (and the bad), the things we love (and the things we don’t)… and everything in between.

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6 Responses to “A Mom’s Moment- Michelle’s Story”

  1. Thanks Michelle for your post- I’ve experienced many ups and downs over the past few years and can relate to what you’ve gone through. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing your fertility journey! If only there was a crystal ball confirming for us that we could get pregnant and telling us when it would be, then we could enjoy the journey a little more and it wouldn’t be so stressful. Congratulations on your 4th!

  3. Thanks Michelle. For over a year have been struggling a lot with baby #3. We already have 2 boys and I’ve come to terms that it may not be meant to be – I’m not a candidate for fertility drugs- but I’m hoping it happens naturally! Trying to keep a positive attitude in the midst of so many frustrations is not easy!

    • Hello Sarah. I did not expect my dr to suggest clomid but it’s worth a shot to ask. I have hope for you and your family for a healthy and happy baby to add your family!