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We’ve all had those days, the ones where being a mom isn’t necessarily fun and games. Where you find yourself  fighting back the tears because you’re exhausted and your little ones are fussy. Truth is, these days come and go but sometimes we find ourselves wondering- what’s the secret to getting through those days without being phased? Or how do you prevent those tough days all together? Well, we recently caught up with Alex Harrison from Mommy’s Craft Obsession and she shared a story with us that put this into perspective. We hope it does for you too…

Being a parent is by far the most amazing gift but it can also be extremely challenging. My son just turned two years old and I swear as soon as he did, it was like a switch flipped. The sweet little baby I had cared for day in and day out for the first 730 days of his life had turned into an official toddler, and was suddenly living up to the stereotypical “terrible twos”.

I’m not the most patient person but when it comes to my son I like to think of myself as a levelheaded, patient mother, so even with the temper tantrums I still push through with deep breaths and a smile. Lately though, my little guy has been testing my patience. He’s been wearing me thin and I’ve found myself losing my cool more than I would like to admit. Two minute ‘lock yourself in the bathroom’ breaks were becoming a regularity for me, just so I could get a moment to myself. The purpose of my story is to remind you that as a parents, the bad times come along with the good and when you find yourself getting frustrated, it’s important to remember that you’re not the only parent in the world who has gotten upset.

Before I continue with this story I should tell you that these last couple of months have been proving to be overwhelmingly busy; my gorgeous little boy turned two, my fiancé and I bought a house, I’m planning a wedding, and not to mention the holidays are fast approaching. Needless to say, this mommy has been feeling like her head is about to explode! As a parent, you are bound to lose your cool and get mad at your child at some points in your life, and let me just reassure you, that is perfectly normal. Parenthood isn’t all dandelions and rainbows, it has its fair share of thunderstorms and power outages as well.

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So, onto my story… Just a few days ago I had to meet the furniture company at our new house so that they could deliver our new kitchen table a few other odds and ends. A friend had offered to watch my little man but I had politely declined, thinking we would only be at the new house for a short time and that my son would “be good”. Boy was I wrong. As if the universe had heard my mental note about my little man being good during the time of the furniture being delivered, for whatever reason my son was all grouch and defiance instead. The furniture deliverers ended up being there for more than an hour and because they were in and out, our front door was wide open, giving my little guy the perfect opportunity to drive mommy batty. I can’t count how many times he darted out the door, took off around the corner of the house, and tried to hide from me as he giggled and thought it was a game. I was frustrated, I was scared half to death (because lets face it, when your kid runs around a corner and you’re not familiar with your new neighborhood, it’s nerve-wracking!) and I could feel my blood start to boil. After chasing him down a handful of times I told the furniture guys that I would be closing the door and that they would have to deal with it (of course I was a little nicer in my wording to them) and when they agreed I thought I was in the clear. I walked into my sons new room to busy myself while the furniture guys were setting up my new table. It wasn’t until I heard a devious little giggle and heard the front door slam that I realized I had a bigger problem.

Not only was my little man having a blast driving me crazy, but he had figured out how to open the front door. Fantastic. After chasing him down yet again, I was about ready to blow a gasket when I heard the best news of my day. “We’re done here”,  said one of the furniture guys, and as I closed my front door and locked it behind me while they left my house, I started doing my happy dance. I checked out the furniture, then headed back to my little mans room to finish decorating. Within another twelve seconds he started throwing a temper tantrum because he couldn’t get the front door open. I was done. I closed up the house, grabbed the diaper bag, picked up my screaming toddler and headed to the car. After strapping him into his car seat I went around to my side, turned on the car, rolled down the windows, and stood outside of the car for about five minutes trying to gather myself back together. When I felt more like my normal self I hopped in the car and away we went, heading toward our current house, ready for nap time.

You might be thinking “jeez, that doesn’t even sound that bad, why was she so irritated?”

Think back to one of your days as a parent where you were grumpy, tired, and irritable. What did your child do that day to drive you batty? Everyone has their own story and as much as we all would hate to admit it, we get mad. We freak out over nothing, and we lose our cool. It’s just a part of life and a part of parenthood. It’s normal, and some may even say it’s healthy. The moral of this story is that you’re not alone. We’ve hit the busiest time of year and whether you care to admit it, you’re probably going to have one of those moments where you want to hide in the bathroom, take some deep breathes, and maybe even cry a little. You’re not alone and if you ask other mothers, chances are they’ve stored an extra box of tissues under the bathroom sink for days when all you want to do is go back to bed. Just remember this…you are an amazing mother and your child(ren) love you, even when they’re having a blast driving you insane!

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Alex Harrison is the mastermind behind Mommy’s Craft Obsession– where humor meets style, love, family, baby gear, recipes, product reviews, giveaways and so much more. You can also find Alex on Facebook and Twitter.







A Mom’s Moment is a series of blog posts capturing all of the memorable, challenging, significant, and everyday “moments” we experience as moms.  Every woman takes on this role in a different way AND every woman has a special story to tell. Our goal is to embrace these moments and share them with you: the good (and the bad), the things we love (and the things we don’t)… and everything in between. 

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